Top 5 Action Movies On ShowBox To Watch In This Year

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Many people like watching films that come with different sections such as extended combat, violence, frantic chases and feats. On ShowBox, your anticipation about any action movie will be satisfied. With action films, you will not only learn new thing but gain experience to act in a time of need. Download ShowBox for PC – Windows 10 and 8.1 to watch the latest as well as your favourite movies for free.

The Hunger Games

Using the name of this film to judge it is an understatement. The truth is that the game may be beyond what people think. This movie is a series of risky adventures that linger on until success is achieved. Panem is the capital in the movie and urges every section of the country to deliver one girl and boy between the ages of twelve and eighteen.

The mission of the game is that selected people will struggle for every year of their existence. The film is basically about people that struggle between life and death by having a weapon to defend themselves.


There is no animation in this thriller movie. In this film, you will find 2 genius sports experts displaying themselves as a spy of the National Security Services. These spies embark on a journey to monitor Russian terrorists around somewhere in central Europe.

Xxx is categorically divided into 3 special parts, which are the cage, return to Xander and State of union. If being success in hidden national protection mission is possible, then learn from watching this movie.

Men In Black

In this film, you will discover how 2 professional movie actors are paired with one another. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith get along together in this movie as secret agents J and K.

The film portrays how these secret agents were sent on a mission to save the globe from extraterrestrial beings. If human beings can overcome the force of an alien, then this movie is what you need to watch.


The villainous deceptions and heroic auto bots are the major keys of this action movie. These factions of bots have the capability to transform themselves into something different by using everyday machinery. The deceptions happen to be the aliens that have the power to destroy the world simply by providing strength and existence to machinery.

The home planet is redesigned by the help of the auto bots. Are you looking to see the outcome when two transformers fight? Get a taste of the result by watching this movie. It will help you understand better.

John Wick

The beginning of the film is all about a pet and ended almost in the same way with surprises. John Wick is the major character of the movie and tried hard to get a revenge on a given mission. John’s ability to handling the mission may be difficult, but he finally gets an answer.

If you like watching action movies and getting excited about it, then give ShowBox a try. This movie streaming platform will help you discover more amazing action films.