Venom Won’t Be Appearing In Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4

The Insomniac Spider-Man game is loaded with tough villains, and Sony has tied to get them ready. According to the designers of the game, it is evident that Venom will not participate in the game. According to rumors, Otto Octavius may be developing its new game called Sinister Six. The truth is that Venom will not be featured in the game as well.
The Doc Ock’s Sinister Six candidate to take the place of Venom has been revealed in Sony’s E3 footage. There are names like Mr. Negative, Vulture, Scorpion, Rhino and Electro. According to rumors, other names may include Kingpin, Norman Osborn, and Shocker that are currently walking on the streets of NYC. The truth is that the absence of Venom will be greatly missed.

For the game, there are more options that Insomniac would have selected. According to information reaching the public, the management has decided not to add Venom in the game. Fans have been inquisitive about the absence of Venom in the game. The publishing franchise may simply be reserving Venom for an outstanding game to come in the future. At the moment, the goal of the franchise is to develop a new storyline for Spider-Man.

The presence of Venom will look stronger and powerful than the main character of the game. This in itself will even reduce the potential of passing the message the original game is intended to do. For now, Venom will be found in the latest release of the Insomniac Spider-Man game. According to a gaming enthusiast, there is every possibility for Venom to be featured in DLC. The game will be unveiled in September and fans are advised to get it firsthand.

With questions flying here and there, there is every possibility that Venom may appear in any of the games Insomniac is planning to release after September 2018. This can be simple information to help fans stay focused on the latest release of the Spider-Man game. There is no further question about the Venom role in the upcoming video game. This is because Venom may pose a threat to the main character of the game.

For instance, Rocksteady’s Arkham has been able to save key characters such as Penguin, Huge Strange and Ra’s al Ghul for another promising game to come. The fact that Venom is not included in the game does not mean that Brock wouldn’t feature. Sources have revealed that Mary Jane Watson will play an important role in Spider-Man and also as an investigative journalist. This may be simply a great method to overcome the ordeal of Eddie which may be used to set up Venom story and a rival reporter.

Venom is a strong character that may be used to disrupt any further actions in a game. The publishing franchise believes that having Venom will cover the potential of the major character of the game. For this reason, an upfront decision has been made not to feature Venom in the new and latest release of Spider-Man.