5 Tips to Help You Remove Hard Water Stains

Despite most of us being truly self-confessed housekeepers, getting rid of scum, rust, lime and other grimy residues from clothes, toilets, kitchen sinks, faucets, showerheads, and doors, that have emanated from large concentrations of mineral salts such as magnesium, calcium, and limestone have posted a really great challenge. With washed clothes and beddings still bearing red wine to pit and coffee stains, blood, makeup and other on-go spills, products of the fleck brand chip in to aid in the extermination of tough stains and ghost stains on surfaces by not only playing a vital role as a water softener but also as a stain remover. With just one drop of the Stain Remover, stubborn stains on textile surfaces in the factory sector, catering centers, cafes and other institutions are easily cast aside.

Top products of the Fleck brand that can be used to for Soft Water Supply

For those experiencing limitations associated with hard water, there is a wide range of reliable fleck systems that can be installed to help eliminate hard water effects like clogged plumbing, soap scum and scaled deposits. Read through the article to know more about Fleck water softeners and choose the best one for your home.

5600 SXT Model

With high degrees of flexibility in scheduling regeneration and expanded valve options, this modified version of the 5600 model not only features an extra cycle button that initiates a forced regeneration but also comes with valve and control settings. With a manual on how to install the product and water softening steps inclusive of a fill cycle, a slow and rapid rinse, the role of the 5600 SXT as a water softener is achieved effectively.

5600 Model

With a REGEN setting that can be achieved by turning the knob, The 5600 model not only comes with a manual regeneration knob but also a gear that clearly displays the time of day with an arrow. As hard water enters the model through a valve, it is channeled to a downward position through a resin bed. The softened water is in turn directed upward through a central tube with subsequent rinses taking place during the regeneration process.

7000 SXT Model

Installed with higher potential flow rates and an added cycle as compared to the 5600 SXT model, this system also features an electronic timer for faster programming and a battery backup suited for additional softening capacity.

With guaranteed water softening capabilities, these fleck models guarantee a wide range of options as far as salt- based softening systems are concerned.

Other tips to help discard hard water stains using products of the fleck Brand

The following 5 tips will effortlessly get you through the cleaning process

  • Develop a continuous cleaning habit – For textile surfaces suffering from tough stains; adopt a frequent habit of thorough cleaning and scrubbing using the stain remover spray that is famous for its descaling capabilities.
  • Use a wet piece of cloth soaked in any fleck product to expel any traces of embedded hard water stains and residues on surfaces by leaving the cloth on the surface for some time so that the fleck components can effectively act on the stain.
  • As the old adage goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Always take time to dry surfaces as this prevents any mineral build up.
  • Follow the instructions on the label to the latter before using products of the flex brand as this stirs up its actual performance.
  • Lastly, if stains still form, do not hesitate to use stronger products and an abrasive sponge to get rid of the mineral deposits especially those on steel products.


With products of the fleck brand playing the vital role of stain fighters, removal of mineral deposits from surfaces no longer poses a great challenge as the product comes in handy in the removal of both old and new hard water deposits on textile surfaces and antique beddings.