5 Tips to Help You Remove Hard Water Stains

Despite most of us being truly self-confessed housekeepers, getting rid of scum, rust, lime and other grimy residues from clothes, toilets, kitchen sinks, faucets, showerheads, and doors, that have emanated from large concentrations of mineral salts such as magnesium, calcium, and limestone have posted a really great challenge. With washed clothes and beddings still bearing red wine to pit and coffee stains, blood, makeup and other on-go spills, products of the fleck brand chip in to aid in the extermination of tough stains and ghost stains on surfaces by not only playing a vital role as a water softener but also as a stain remover. With just one drop of the Stain Remover, stubborn stains on textile surfaces in the factory sector, catering centers, cafes and other institutions are easily cast aside.

Top products of the Fleck brand that can be used to for Soft Water Supply

For those experiencing limitations associated with hard water, there is a wide range of reliable fleck systems that can be installed to help eliminate hard water effects like clogged plumbing, soap scum and scaled deposits. Read through the article to know more about Fleck water softeners and choose the best one for your home.

5600 SXT Model

With high degrees of flexibility in scheduling regeneration and expanded valve options, this modified version of the 5600 model not only features an extra cycle button that initiates a forced regeneration but also comes with valve and control settings. With a manual on how to install the product and water softening steps inclusive of a fill cycle, a slow and rapid rinse, the role of the 5600 SXT as a water softener is achieved effectively.

5600 Model

With a REGEN setting that can be achieved by turning the knob, The 5600 model not only comes with a manual regeneration knob but also a gear that clearly displays the time of day with an arrow. As hard water enters the model through a valve, it is channeled to a downward position through a resin bed. The softened water is in turn directed upward through a central tube with subsequent rinses taking place during the regeneration process.

7000 SXT Model

Installed with higher potential flow rates and an added cycle as compared to the 5600 SXT model, this system also features an electronic timer for faster programming and a battery backup suited for additional softening capacity.

With guaranteed water softening capabilities, these fleck models guarantee a wide range of options as far as salt- based softening systems are concerned.

Other tips to help discard hard water stains using products of the fleck Brand

The following 5 tips will effortlessly get you through the cleaning process

  • Develop a continuous cleaning habit – For textile surfaces suffering from tough stains; adopt a frequent habit of thorough cleaning and scrubbing using the stain remover spray that is famous for its descaling capabilities.
  • Use a wet piece of cloth soaked in any fleck product to expel any traces of embedded hard water stains and residues on surfaces by leaving the cloth on the surface for some time so that the fleck components can effectively act on the stain.
  • As the old adage goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Always take time to dry surfaces as this prevents any mineral build up.
  • Follow the instructions on the label to the latter before using products of the flex brand as this stirs up its actual performance.
  • Lastly, if stains still form, do not hesitate to use stronger products and an abrasive sponge to get rid of the mineral deposits especially those on steel products.


With products of the fleck brand playing the vital role of stain fighters, removal of mineral deposits from surfaces no longer poses a great challenge as the product comes in handy in the removal of both old and new hard water deposits on textile surfaces and antique beddings.

Venom Won’t Be Appearing In Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4

The Insomniac Spider-Man game is loaded with tough villains, and Sony has tied to get them ready. According to the designers of the game, it is evident that Venom will not participate in the game. According to rumors, Otto Octavius may be developing its new game called Sinister Six. The truth is that Venom will not be featured in the game as well.
The Doc Ock’s Sinister Six candidate to take the place of Venom has been revealed in Sony’s E3 footage. There are names like Mr. Negative, Vulture, Scorpion, Rhino and Electro. According to rumors, other names may include Kingpin, Norman Osborn, and Shocker that are currently walking on the streets of NYC. The truth is that the absence of Venom will be greatly missed.

For the game, there are more options that Insomniac would have selected. According to information reaching the public, the management has decided not to add Venom in the game. Fans have been inquisitive about the absence of Venom in the game. The publishing franchise may simply be reserving Venom for an outstanding game to come in the future. At the moment, the goal of the franchise is to develop a new storyline for Spider-Man.

The presence of Venom will look stronger and powerful than the main character of the game. This in itself will even reduce the potential of passing the message the original game is intended to do. For now, Venom will be found in the latest release of the Insomniac Spider-Man game. According to a gaming enthusiast, there is every possibility for Venom to be featured in DLC. The game will be unveiled in September and fans are advised to get it firsthand.

With questions flying here and there, there is every possibility that Venom may appear in any of the games Insomniac is planning to release after September 2018. This can be simple information to help fans stay focused on the latest release of the Spider-Man game. There is no further question about the Venom role in the upcoming video game. This is because Venom may pose a threat to the main character of the game.

For instance, Rocksteady’s Arkham has been able to save key characters such as Penguin, Huge Strange and Ra’s al Ghul for another promising game to come. The fact that Venom is not included in the game does not mean that Brock wouldn’t feature. Sources have revealed that Mary Jane Watson will play an important role in Spider-Man and also as an investigative journalist. This may be simply a great method to overcome the ordeal of Eddie which may be used to set up Venom story and a rival reporter.

Venom is a strong character that may be used to disrupt any further actions in a game. The publishing franchise believes that having Venom will cover the potential of the major character of the game. For this reason, an upfront decision has been made not to feature Venom in the new and latest release of Spider-Man.

Top 5 Action Movies On ShowBox To Watch In This Year

If you are looking to enjoy and have an experience of the American entertainment industry, then ShowBox is the right place to go. ShowBox remains a streaming service that will help to unleash new shows and films. This platform will help film fans across the globe to watch amazing movies.

Many people like watching films that come with different sections such as extended combat, violence, frantic chases and feats. On ShowBox, your anticipation about any action movie will be satisfied. With action films, you will not only learn new thing but gain experience to act in a time of need. Download ShowBox for PC – Windows 10 and 8.1 to watch the latest as well as your favourite movies for free.

The Hunger Games

Using the name of this film to judge it is an understatement. The truth is that the game may be beyond what people think. This movie is a series of risky adventures that linger on until success is achieved. Panem is the capital in the movie and urges every section of the country to deliver one girl and boy between the ages of twelve and eighteen.

The mission of the game is that selected people will struggle for every year of their existence. The film is basically about people that struggle between life and death by having a weapon to defend themselves.


There is no animation in this thriller movie. In this film, you will find 2 genius sports experts displaying themselves as a spy of the National Security Services. These spies embark on a journey to monitor Russian terrorists around somewhere in central Europe.

Xxx is categorically divided into 3 special parts, which are the cage, return to Xander and State of union. If being success in hidden national protection mission is possible, then learn from watching this movie.

Men In Black

In this film, you will discover how 2 professional movie actors are paired with one another. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith get along together in this movie as secret agents J and K.

The film portrays how these secret agents were sent on a mission to save the globe from extraterrestrial beings. If human beings can overcome the force of an alien, then this movie is what you need to watch.


The villainous deceptions and heroic auto bots are the major keys of this action movie. These factions of bots have the capability to transform themselves into something different by using everyday machinery. The deceptions happen to be the aliens that have the power to destroy the world simply by providing strength and existence to machinery.

The home planet is redesigned by the help of the auto bots. Are you looking to see the outcome when two transformers fight? Get a taste of the result by watching this movie. It will help you understand better.

John Wick

The beginning of the film is all about a pet and ended almost in the same way with surprises. John Wick is the major character of the movie and tried hard to get a revenge on a given mission. John’s ability to handling the mission may be difficult, but he finally gets an answer.

If you like watching action movies and getting excited about it, then give ShowBox a try. This movie streaming platform will help you discover more amazing action films.

5 Best Gaming Monitors Under $400 That You Must Know

For gaming enthusiasts, a good monitor will determine the experience of the player. If a gaming monitor is good, then be ready for an amazing experience. All available monitors in our list easily beasts best gaming monitors under $200, you can still have a wonderful experience. Keep reading to discover affordable gaming monitors that can help to improve your experience and comfort.

BenQ BL3200PT:

The BL3200PT remains a straight desktop monitor with amazing features. One amazing feature that makes this monitor unique is its 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The product has the capability of unleashing exceptional nuanced photos. It can as well help to differentiate black levels effectively. With the BenQ BL3200PT, you can enjoy the CAM/CAD feature.

On three dimensional color lines, the product will also unleash top-notch contrast. The BenQ BL3200PT operates with a 2560 x 1440 resolution which can help you enjoy graphically-based games. The monitor comes with dual-link DVI, 2 HDMI, a DisplayPort and a D-SUB/VGA.


When talking about image quality, ACER is one of the best products to buy. Even with important features that aid good gaming experience, ACER will never stumble. With the frame rate-matching and speed, you can count on the ACER GN276HL.

It is an amazing monitor that operates with 144Hz. For native QHD signals, you can count on the HDMI 2.0 of this monitor. For users, contrast and color accuracy may not be too important. The truth is that this product will always help you enjoy clean color accuracy and contrast.

AOC G2460PF:

Have you been searching for an affordable yet top-notch FreeSync-oriented gaming monitor? Do you want to have a great gaming experience for a fraction of the cost? Well, with AOC G2460PF, you can always be happy for investing in this product.

The anti-tearing technology of this product makes it unique and different. It will help players one of the best gaming experiences in real-time. The AOC G2460PF offers low input lag, speedy refresh rates and a quick pixel response.

The product is also unique because of its complete adjustable stand. Players can load the monitor with ports and the product is tough to overcome for the price. Headphone jack, one USB hub, four USB, display port, HDMI and VGA are some other additional items in the package of the product.


If your quest is for a monitor that has all available features on board, then look no further than the ASUS VG248QE. The value and comfort you get from this monitor is beyond the price.

The low response time and fast refresh rate makes you enjoy the entirety of this monitor. The input lag time is also low, making you to have the best gaming experience.


The SAMSUNG CF 391 is a gaming monitor with a curved screen. For some gamers, it will take some time to understand the product. The immersion that the SAMSUNG CF 391 gives is beyond anticipation. If you are looking for a gaming monitor with the best performance, then try the SAMSUNGT CF 391.


The products above also have collections for the best gaming monitors under $400. Whether you are looking for monitors with good performance, immersion or great experience, the products above will help. These monitors will improve your playing style and give you comfort.